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Punky and molly

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I have 6 adult cats all spayed,wormed already had rabies shots, that need homes, as well as 2omma cats and 5 7/8 week old kittens. This was a neighbor cats that were left and I started feeding them, and had 2 litters of kittens, last year, so they are teens, but I had them fixed,and feed them,but they don't get the love and attention they deserve,they stay outside,and I struggle to feed them all. But haven't been able to find a shelter to take them , because they were abandoned and had kittens under my shed they were consider ferral cats, they helped me spay and neuter,all but 2 and I couldn't get them in a cage, they are sweet cats, but it's getting to be winter and they need more than I can offer them, I have 3 cats and a small dog, my husband wants them gone, ,and I cannot afford to feed them all. They badly need a loving home,the kitten haven't had any shots, or anything, but the teens have, except for. 2 momma cats that had litters in November, I just love animals and started feeding 2 abandoned cats and it has multiplied and I'm overwhelmed.

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June2019 and kittens 11)20

Some important Things About Me

up to date with shots, housetrained

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