Spay/Neuter Program

Low cost certificates are sold to EVERYONE and this program is not based on financial status. Please note that the certificate ONLY covers the actual spay or neuter and each veterinarian that works with our program has their own terms and prices of additional services that you must pay for at the time of the surgery. Please make sure that you understand those terms before taking your pet(s) to that clinic. Below are step-by-step instructions to assist you:

1. Look at the list of participating veterinarians.

2. Call the chosen veterinarian to ask what additional fees will be owed if paying with a certificate.

3. Order the certificate(s) online below. PLEASE NOTE: THE CERTIFICATE WILL BE SENT TO YOU VIA U.S. MAIL WITHIN 10 BUSINESS DAYS. The Paypal receipt will not be accepted as payment.

4. Once you receive the certificate by mail, call the chosen veterinarian clinic and make your appointment.

5. On the date of your appointment, take your pet(s) and certificate(s) and any additional funds that you will owe.

6. Thank you for being a responsible pet owner!

Certificates are also available for purchase via mail.
Please make your check or money order payable to:
PO Box 130398
Birmingham, AL 35213

Questions:? Contact the certificates department


Please note male or female, dog or cat in your request and include your name, address, and phone number. WE CANNOT PROCESS YOUR ORDER WITHOUT ALL OF THIS INFORMATION.
1. Go to the bottom of page and click on female cat/dog, male cat/dog, to select which certificate(s) you want to purchase.

2. Click on “add to cart”.

3. Click on “view cart”.

4. You may “add donation to your order” on this screen (thank you if or you may “proceed to checkout”.

5. Enter your billing details and add a note to FCDF if you need us to know anything special about your order then click “proceed PayPal”.

6. Click on “Pay with PayPal” or “Pay with a Card” or “Pay with PayPal Credit”.

7. Enter the pertinent information regarding your payment.

8. Confirm order. Your certificate will be mailed to you within 10 business days. Once received, contact your chosen veterinarian to make your appointment.

Gift Certficates Now Available!

We all have someone in our lives who doesn’t have the money, time, desire, or uses any other excuse not to get their pet(s) spayed or neutered. For some, it’s just not going to happen unless someone (that’s you) lends them a hand and here’s how:

To purchase a gift certificate, simply click scroll below. Order what you need (female cat/male cat/female dog/male dog) and put in YOUR BILLING information and THE RECEPIENT’S NAME AND ADDRESS. Should you wish this to be an anonymous donation, just indicate so in the comments section of your order by typing “ANONYMOUS DONATION” and we will take care of the rest. The certificate will take approximately 10 days to arrive via U.S. Mail at the mailing address provided.

How to redeem your gift:

  • Just find a participating vet clinic on our website
  • Make an appointment
  • Take the pet(s) and FCDF certificate(s) to the appointment and Pay for any necessary additional charges such as rabies, pain medicine, etc.
  • Please note these instructions are also on our website as well as on the certificate the recipient receives.

Your simple act of kindness is a win-win for all, especially for the pet and for your conscience.

(Thank you!)


Every dollar donated goes into our spay/neuter fund so that we can continue our mission to stop unwanted litters from ever being born. Therefore, we ask that you please donate whatever you can, whenever you can, so that Alabama’s animals can have a better chance at life and you’ll get a tax receipt to prove that you helped make that happen!


Alabama Spay Neuter Clinic-Irondale

Services & Fees

Female Dog – $100, Male Dog – $80, Female Cat – $75, Male Cat – $55, In Heat – $15 Pregnant Cat – $20 Pregnant Dog – $25 50+ lbs. – $20 65+ lbs. – $30 80+ lbs. – $40 95+ lbs. $60 Feral Cat – Spay/Neuter Surgery + Rabies Vaccination + FVRCP Vaccination + Ear Tip = $35** Rabies Vaccination – $16

They also have other subsidized programs to help those in need, please contact them for details.

Go to or 205-956-0012 for more information.

Want to buy a certificate in person:


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