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Molly walked up to our deck about 4 weeks ago. We tried to find her owners, but no one has come forward. She is sweet, but exuberant and likes to play. She wants to run and play and needs a fenced yard, and a family that is able to give her the time she needs to play and be active. She could be a sweet pet to someone who can take the time to train her. She will jump on people when they walk into the room, but she will settle down quickly. She is not aggressive and has not barked or growled at anyone since she arrived. We have a cat that she does not seem to mind, but is very interested in. She likes to walk on a leash, but will pull some to walk where she wants to go. When she arrived to us, she had some bald places on her side and tail. The vet said that it was a result of fleas irritating her skin and her biting at it. This is no longer a problem, and her hair has grown back. We had her vaccinated, since I didn't know if she had been. The vet thinks she is about a year old, since she looks young, but she has all her big girl teeth. She is right at 50lbs. The vet thinks she could be spayed, but there was not a visible scar, so it was unclear. He felt her stomach and said there is a small possible scar he felt, but it is not certain. She appears to be a Rottweiler mix, is quite sweet, and with training, could make for an excellent pet.

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January 2021

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home without children under 5, up to date with shots, housetrained

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home without children under 5, up to date with shots, housetrained