Welcome to our Virtual Kennel! These are all pets living in individual’s homes and are available for adoption. WE ARE NOT A SHELTER, WE DO NOT HAVE A FACILITY. Click on a pet below to find out more information and see more cute photos. If your interested in adopting, please use the contact information provided. Thanks for using our Virtual Kennel!

Wanting to Adopt or Put a Pet up for Adoption?

While getting a new pet is exciting and fun, there are things to consider before adopting. Can you afford a pet for the lifetime of the cat or dog? Are you planning on having children in the near future? Does your apartment building allow pets? Will you have to relocate for a new job? All of these things are the reasons, many animals wind up on this adoption list. Along with behavioral issues which some pet owners do not understand. We recommend reading this article “How to Avoid Rehoming a Pet and Rehoming a Pet”. before considering to adopt or put a pet up for adoption.

Pets Available